Celeb Psychic Refuses to Name Names

COURTESY OF JENN FUSION OF SPIRITUAL NETWORKS: “A professional does not violate client confidentiality,” says Beverly Hills Psychic Christopher Golden when we finally caught up with him, by email. “The relationship that is formed during Psychic Consultations are a sort of sacred trust – and most people, whether they are high profile or not, prefer to keep their private matters private. No matter how many times I get asked, I will never name names” he explains.

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True Professionals Don’t Name Clients

Many psychics bill themselves as a “celebrity to the stars” and are less-than-modest about broadcasting their celebrity client roster, or jumping at every opportunity to get on TV to have their faces known. However, this Beverly Hills psychic is not wanting for business. He is rumored to be an advisor to one of the “Real Housewives” but this is something he was unwilling to discuss with us.

Golden has been offering up psychic predictions, intuitions and spiritual guidance for more than 20 years, with a little black book of regular clients that is brimming with names we’ll never lay eyes on. “I find a lot of people initially come to me in a moment of crisis. But this often turns out to be the jumping off point for a deeper spiritual journey, one that we embark on together. Some of these people have recognizable faces and some of them don’t. But ultimately all that matters is that you recognize yourself”.

Despite his underground popularity, Psychic Christopher Golden didn’t even have a website (“The Psychic” www.The-Psychic.com ) until a couple years ago. We couldn’t find a single photograph of him anywhere online. There were no televised records – only stories passed around the Entertainment Industry, about his psychic accuracy and who goes to see him. Trying to get a handle on him was frustrating and fascinating at the same time. It was as if Christopher Golden was a ghost himself!

“In 2010, I mostly stopped seeing clients in person, with a few exceptions. I prefer the phone. When I finally came around to putting up a website, I used a licensed stock photo instead of my actual picture. I prefer my privacy and knowing that, during my off time, no one is going to ask me for a psychic prediction,” said Golden. “Seeing that YouTube video of a certain so-called psychic, on ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ just made me embarrassed for all of the real psychics in my profession. When it comes to the perceived legitimacy of the metaphysical arts, I find that the media tends to do more harm than good.”

Celebrity gossip-hounds from Radar Online, Perez Hilton, E! and Vulture have all tried to get Christopher Golden to confirm or deny celebrities on his client roster, but he’s remained mum. “I grew up in Beverly Hills. I know how difficult it can be for some people, just to live a normal, private life,” Golden tells us. “I don’t want to be a celebrity and I am now wowed by celebrity. And I’m sure as hell not about to throw one of their names to the dogs.”

Michael Jackson Contacts Sister La Toya From Beyond The Grave

Recently LaToya Jackson was in the media discussing her intuition that her late brother, Michael, still haunts the family compound in Encino, California. “Every single night, the dog barks and he looks up at this certain window…. I said, ‘That’s where Michael’s bedroom was, that’s where he stayed,’” Jackson explained. She added that her mother’s bodyguard often hears tap dancing late at night.

LaToya explained that she “wrapped herself up and had sunglasses on” to hide her identity. Right away, The Psychic knew what was going on. “When they tell you something personal that you and your brother only know… then you’ve gotta say, ‘OK, this is really good!’” La Toya explained.

She added that her chats with the psychic helped her find peace after very public battles insisting that Michael’s death was not an accident. She reports that the psychic told her “Michael wants you to just rest and move on with your life.”

Interestingly enough, before his death, Michael claimed that he could communicate with dead pianist Lee Liberace. He reportedly said, “I have my own secret room, with a moving wall and mirrors. That’s where I talk to Lee. He is the voice I hear in there. I feel his presence so very close to me.”

Psychics Are “The New Therapists” For Hollywood Elite

It’s hardly a secret that Hollywood’s elite go to the psychics for answers about their exciting (and often chaotic) lives. The Jackson family represents just one account from the many stars who believe in the power of psychics. Roger Daltry of rock band The Who sees a psychic to get in touch with their late drummer, Keith Moon. Kim Zolciak, one of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, saw a psychic who revealed that Kim would be married and have a son in the years to come – which all came true! Kim Richards, a cast member on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, sees a psychic to contact her “sister from the other side” and learn if her intuitions are correct. Katie Price, George Michael, Uma Thurman, and the late Princess Diana have all been clients of psychics, reports a UK paper.

Furthermore, TLC reports a number of stars who use psychics to transform their lives.

• Real Housewives of New York’s Kelly Bensimon visited a psychic to find out if she’d ever be married again and have more children.
• Brad Pitt occasionally visits a psychic before taking or rejecting a new role. He was also reported to visit with a psychic(some say Christopher Golden) while still married to Jennifer Aniston, but filming Mr. & Mrs. Smith with future wife Angelina Jolie.
• After dating Matt Dillon, Justin Timberlake, Jared Leto and A-Rod, the lovely Cameron Diaz sought psychic counsel to see what the cards held for her love life.
• The two are not married, but Patrick Swayze and Sarah Jessica Parker both visited psychics to discuss their respective marriage troubles.
• Comedian Chelsea Handler learned that her mother is watching over her from heaven, and that the future does not see her getting pregnant.
• Angelina Jolie and Denise Richards visited psychics to deal with the difficult deaths of their mothers.
• George Clooney allegedly saw a psychic to get in touch with his best friend who died in 2006 – a 300-pound, black and white, pot-bellied pig! He learned that“Max” was very happy with his new life and that his spirit sometimes visits his old pal, Clooney.
• Madonna turned to psychic advice when her efforts to adopt 4-year-old Malawian Mercy James were rejected. The psychic told her that she should not try to adopt anymore children for a few years, and that the spirits were trying to guide her to a higher maternal status as “mama of the world.”
• Kim Kardashian saw a psychic to reach out to her late father just after her wedding with Kris Humphries. During the session, she realized she’d jumped into getting married much too quickly.
• Similarly, a psychic told Demi Moore that she needed to divorce two-timing playboy Ashton Kutcher.

“I’ve been asked repeatedly to participate in televised reality shows over the years,” Christopher Golden tells us, quickly adding, “but that’s just never going to happen.” When pressed further, he explained, “Private spiritual counseling is not meant to be a public spectacle. At least, not the way I approach it.”

Of course, it’s easy for Golden to say. The fact of the matter is that the average person probably wouldn’t be able to afford top-level, accurate psychic advice from the likes of a Beverly Hills psychic. His busy schedule makes it hard to track him down, even for an interview, but we just had to know the truth. For years, we have been hearing rumors from Hollywood insiders, who keep dropping the name of Christopher Golden as the “psychic to the stars”. But when I suggested that I bring my tape recorder and we meet for a drink, he said he’d rather I submit my questions by email.

Christopher Golden – Where Are You?

Like a famous celebrity, Christopher Golden prefers to keep a low profile and downplay his wild success. “All people have relationship problems, self-esteem issues, hang-ups, spiritual and emotional longings and the occasional existential crisis. Being a celebrity does not allow a person to duck or dodge any of this. I realize that’s not glamorous to hear about, but that’s the naked truth.”

Golden goes on to say,“I have clients who work at a cubicle in an office, staring at the clock on the wall waiting until 5pm, who feel that they are stuck and struggle to find meaning in their lives. And I have clients who have won numerous acting awards who feel the exact same way – perhaps for a different set of reasons – but they feel the same way. Ultimately people are people. It’s easy to look at someone from the outside and imagine that they have it made. But until you’ve walked in their shoes, you really have no idea. Real wealth is not in what you have anyway. Wealth is how you feel, moment to moment.Its felt, not owned. And I do not find that the rich and famous get a break when it comes to that. They are stuck with the human condition, just like the rest of us, trying their best to figure it out and to find meaning in their lives. The brief time that we have here is part of a larger spiritual journey, and we are all ultimately characters of our own invention.”

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I asked Christopher Golden what it was like, living in the 90210 zip code and here is what he had to say about that: “Me living in my house is probably a lot like you living in your house. The experience is what you make it. I can feel like I’m on top of the world, or I can feel like the guy across the street has got it better. Either way it’s a choice. Reality is almost entirely a matter of perception. I can upgrade or downgrade my zip code, but the spiritual journey has certain milestones built into it, and they are waiting for each of us on the road of time, no matter what clever thing we decide to do about our zip code. We each have an appointment with time, an invitation to spiritually evolve”.

The anonymity is helpful, but it seems to be a special kind of trust that brings high-profile clients to Christopher Golden. Perhaps he gives off a comfortable vibe that makes Beverly Hills residents feel “he’s one of us.” His grounded and down-to-Earth approach does not come off as a big show-man, or attention-seeker like some of the televised psychics we’re usually exposed to. We left the interview feeling like Christopher Golden was perhaps a cut above the rest and it was clear to us why he might very well be the preferred “psychic to the stars”.

Psychic Christopher Golden can be found online at: http://www.Psychic90210.com and is available by appointment.  He has a new book coming out in Fall of 2013 on how to get your ex back.  It will be available at http://www.XbackNow.com online or wherever eBooks are sold.

By Jennn Fusion, SpiritualNetworks.com