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Get Your Ex Back – Better than Love Spells

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ABC NEWS: Beverly Hills Psychic Says Love Spells Do Not Work

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BEVERLY HILLS, CA, May 30, 2013 /ABC NEWS: – Long time love psychic and a fixture in the celebrity psychic scene, Christopher Golden, says “Love spells do not work. Period. They are based on superstition and wishful thinking.”

According to Golden, “Most of the time, when a person wants to reunite with their ex, the fact is that it’s over. You simply have to move on.”

The veteran psychic goes on to reveal that, “Probably 90 percent of the psychic websites out there, which promise to reunite lovers, are gypsy scams. They promise the moon and do not deliver. Instead these con artists just keeping coming back for more money. And it’s really a shame because this sort of muddies the water for the rest of us, who are real authentic psychics.”

Says this longtime love psychic, “Psychic ability is something you either have or you don’t. But a psychic is not necessarily a miracle worker. There are things that can be done, along the lines of psychic healing, to reunite lovers, but only under the right circumstances. If two people do not still love each other, usually there is nothing that can be done.” According to Psychic Christopher Golden, “Everything physical has a non-physical component. That’s what metaphysics is about. But simply lighting candles and waving sage is not going to break another person’s free will. And anyone who says otherwise is simply preying on people’s vulnerabilities”.

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When “Love Spells That Work” don’t Work – Contact the Love Psychic

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Love Spells Leave You Feeling Under Water?

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