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 By Sheila Steinberg 

Psychic Christopher Golden has offered psychic advice for the past twenty years. This celeb clairvoyant specializes in what he calls “love spell alternatives” and he has a client roster of the “who’s who” in 90210. It’s been rumored that the Hollywood elite flock to the Beverly Hills Psychic for relationship and career advice. Golden claims to offer metaphysical services “to people from all walks of life and around the globe – mostly just everyday people”. However past and present high-profile clients have included the likes of Cameron Diaz, George Clooney, Tori Spelling, Angelina Jolie, LaToya Jackson, Madonna, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, Pink and Brad Pitt.  When asked about this rumor however, Golden would not confirm the claim.  The answer came back simply, “no comment”.

Psychic Christopher Golden claims that he is, first and foremost, a spiritual counselor, who believes that “by influencing people in media, to raise the level of their consciousness, one can also raise the level of the collective consciousness, since we live in a media-driven society”  He adds, “Celebrities matter, because they are the role models to which our society, especially the young people, look to for modeling their own behavior and beliefs”.

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Not surprisingly, Golden claims to have a “very high rate of psychic accuracy”.  I have found many positive reviews of him online and have been unable to find anything negative about him or his services.  This is rather unusual.  Golden says he has given psychic readings to many people around the world, and that many clients, over the years, keep coming back.

The Beverly Hills love guru conducts his sessions by phone. He is very private and will not see clients in person.  But this apparently does not stop people, whether people in high places, or just average folks, to call him for spiritual guidance regularly.  Says Golden, “I enjoy my anonymity. When I leave my house, people don’t ask me for psychic advice because they don’t know who I am.  I like it that way.  I work hard and I work often, so my down time is very important to me”.

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As a psychic adviser to one of the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” Christopher Golden was once invited to go on to the show, but refused in order to maintain his privacy.  And again, he will not confirm this rumor, although a source from the televised series has said they did try to get him to appear on the show at least once.

According to Golden, “My only focus is to provide accurate psychic readings to my clients, at affordable prices”.  However, there is a section on his website called “The VIP Package” where he charges $50,000 to be put on a monthly retainer. Nice work if you can get it, and apparently there are those who are willing to pay.

According to Golden, “I actually have quite a few clients in Dubai”.  This likely would explain the whopping price tag for personalized on-call service! Dubai is the new global playground for the world’s super rich, the land of luxury cars which double as jewelry and $25,000 a night hotel rooms.  To a Saudi Prince, putting this Golden boy on a monthly retainer is probably a drop in the bucket.  Clearly the real money is in the future.

“I given accurate readings to thousands of people and if I were not accurate, my clients would not be coming back”. This clairvoyant offers a discreet consultation and a confidential psychic forecast, for as little as $75. According to Golden, “I believe there are no problems which don’t also have solutions”. He claims to know problems before they happen so that you can avoid them. One of the slogans on his website states that, “To Know the Future is to Change the Future”.

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Every psychic reading Christopher Golden performs, he guarantees clear and accurate answers.  He says he doe not “speak in vague, generic terms”.  Says Golden, “If I don’t know the answer to something, I will tell you.  If I see something important in your future, I will tell you that as well.  No psychic is 100 percent accurate, so if I tell you something which does not line up with your own inner voice, be skeptical.  Psychic awareness is not an exact science”.

The Beverly Hills Psychic says that “Time exists in our mind and the human organism survives by constantly referencing our past, our present, and our future.  These are our coordinates.  However, the desire to see beyond this illusion often does not come, unless one is truly in a crisis state”.  When asked what kind of crisis a celebrity would encounter, Golden responded by saying that, “Celebrity itself is a crisis.  Having constant attention focused on you would make anyone highly self critical and insecure.  Also, a celebrity is still a human being, subject to the same uncertainties, disappointments, heartbreaks, hopes and dreams as everyone else”.

Psychic Christopher Golden has often said that love spells do not work, after seeing them advertised all over the media. A simple Google search yields numerous pages of sites, all of them claiming that they can reunite lovers in weeks, days, and hours or even sometimes in just minutes. In addition, these websites claim a 100% success rate. And now begs the question, is it a surprise that the sites only accept the payments via Western Union? These kinds of people that I have just described are gypsy scam artists, according to Golden, who muddy the reputation of genuine psychics who are honest and know what they are doing. Sadly, the internet is becoming bigger and the gypsy scams are becoming increasingly popular. How can an honest psychic compete with such websites that make such extravagant and bold promises?  Perhaps it’s just a situation where the cream rises to the top.

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I asked Golden about the increasing popularity of “end times prophecies” and doomsday conspiracy theories.  Here is what he had to say, “People who talk cynically about how the universe is going to end fail to realize that such beliefs are paranoid, superstitious and out of step with the modern age. Standards of living are always increasing.  Violence overall is down. The poor live much better than the well off who lived hundreds or so years ago. Today, people have microwaves, indoor plumbing, cell phones and are also afforded free public education that wasn’t available even a hundred years ago. In the world we are living in, is there room for some improvement? Of course, absolutely. But is the world in its final stages of decay? I don’t think so. The human race is clearly experiencing some growing pains right now, but overall we are experiencing a collective evolution in our overall state of consciousness.  And I see this as a good thing.  I am optimistic about the future of this planet”.

Psychic Christopher Golden explains that there is ne method he has found to be useful, in maintaining the perspective and not being caught up by the media frenzy and lies that we are always told about this world that we live in. It is essential to meditate for twenty minutes, at least two times a day.  “Meditation is the key to staying grounded.  I believe one day it will be taught in schools.  Meditation elevates consciousness and the elevation of your consciousness is the fastest way to break negative karmic cycles – whether individually or as a nation”.For more on this Psychic to the Stars, you can find Christopher Golden at:

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Meet Christopher Golden, Beverly Hills Psychic

Psychic Christopher Golden is based in Beverly Hills, California. He is available for psychic consultations by phone, and you can find him online at

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I like the idea on your website of your role in helping to “unlock that which is unseen in the past, present and future.” Why do you think people are often unaware of influences from their past and present, and how does this impact their ability to consider their future?

Time exists in the mind. The human organism survives by constantly considering the past, present, and future. However, much of this consideration is based on basic survival. People tend not to reflect deeply much, unless they are in a crisis state.

Many of my clients come to me when they are in a state of crisis. They have already racked their brains, trying to understand the past and figure out the future. They have already considered the insight and advice of friends, coworkers and family. Or, they are carrying something around which they feel they cannot talk to anyone about, except for me.

Being born with a natural Clairvoyant ability, I tend to see the past, present, and future as being all a part of the same landscape. Time exists in the mind. I do not feel that time exists anywhere else. Time is a circle and not a line. There is no beginning, and there is no end. However, such an abstract concept is generally unacceptable to our minds, which are based in time.

We need meaning and we create meaning. We are meaning-making machines. We look at situations and we want to know what the point is. Such is the nature of the mind.

However, fortunately we are not only the activity of our minds. We are not our thoughts. We are affected by our thoughts, but we are not our thoughts. Thoughts pass through us. Thoughts are like clouds, changing their forms, appearing and disappearing, but we are like the sky itself–unchanging.

Most human beings, however, believe the story they are in. It all seems so real. I see both the reality and the unreality of it all. And although I don’t see all of the future, all of the time, I do see glimpses of it–more than most perhaps. And so when someone asks me a question about their future, the answer is often presented to me, in the mind’s eye, in a very natural way. And as it turns out, after doing this for over 20 years, my psychic predictions turn out to be accurate more times than not.

I find that very often, when I tell a client during a psychic reading what their future is, they often tell me that this confirms what they were already feeling intuitively. But it helps to have someone confirm it. Other times what is revealed is something of a huge shock. And this is the part of my work I enjoy the best. Because when you know your future, often times you then have the ability to change the future.

And this is something of a guiding philosophy for the work that I do as a psychic. To know your future is to change your future. And so much of our future is the product of our habits. Our thoughts tend to become habitual, and thus our actions and our words tend to also follow certain habits. Once a person is presented with news of where that habit pattern is leading them, they not only make different choices, but very often they change their character. Your character is your destiny. And this reshaping, reinventing of oneself is the work which I most look forward to with my clients.

I have seen miraculous changes in people, as the result of psychic revelations followed by a decision to reflect inwardly and to change one’s character.

Some people use psychic readings because they just got paid and it’s fun. And I’m fine with that. But the clients which keep coming back to me, over the years, tend to be interested in their spiritual evolution. They have taken a look at where their lives are and have found the courage to ask if they can do better, think bigger, expect more.

What are the similarities and differences between reading for someone in person and conducting a session via email or phone?

I very rarely see people in person anymore. The information age has allowed me a certain anonymity. I like that I can go to the store and not be recognized and not be asked for psychic advice during my off time. So nearly all of my psychic readings and spiritual counseling sessions are done by phone. And I find that my accuracy is about the same.

In fact, if anything I’d say that I am likely to be more accurate if I do not meet someone in person. How a person presents themselves in the material world elicits biases. And if we meet by phone, I am more likely to be clear.

Email is hit or miss. Generally I’m not as clear by email. That said, some of my most accurate readings have been conducted this way. I have had people send me one question by email and I end up writing a very long response, only to be told later that everything was spot on.

Believe it or not, how psychic awareness works is mostly a mystery to me. And I’ve been studying the science of consciousness for nearly as long as I’ve been providing psychic readings. I understand much of it and can explain a lot of how it works. But for the most part, it’s a mystery. If you ask me a question, for example, one moment I have no idea what the answer is, and a moment later it hits me and I speak it and find out that I was dead on. It is really very strange.

In addition to consulting a psychic, what are some suggestions you make for people who are wanting to create change in their lives?

I feel that there are numerous valid paths toward expanding one’s awareness. Seeing a qualified psychic is just one of them. I am a big fan of yoga, for opening up the mind, body, and spirit. Yoga connects these parts of a person to integrate the whole person.

I find that talk therapy is largely over-rated. The focus tends to be problem-oriented and the outcome is generally, at best, some form of behavior modification. I feel this approach fails to scratch that deeper itch, to know who we are, why we are here, and what our higher purpose is.

Prayer and meditation can also provide much in the way of clarity. Books such as the Tao Te Ching provide much in the way of deeper reflection, for those who are ready to embark on such a journey.

But for me personally, meditation is the most important. I meditate at least twice a day. It grounds me. It allows me to feel what my clients are feeling, without being captured by those feelings. I use meditation as part of my work and I often recommend it to my clients–many of whom have had tremendous success using meditation to reduce anxiety or depression.

For someone who has never consulted a psychic before, what would you suggest that a person do to prepare for a first session–and then to follow-up/reflect after the session?

Be skeptical. Sadly I must say that more than half of the people in my profession are total con artists. Be wary of anyone who is simply telling you what you want to hear about yourself. Keep an open mind, but a guarded heart. Trust only the psychic who has earned your trust.

That said, once you feel that you are working with a true and gifted intuitive adviser, consider your life the way you would like for it to be. And then ask questions based on your desire to navigate from the present to where you would like to find yourself. If you have found a good psychic, you have a real opportunity to get rid of obstacles, become free of old patterns and beliefs which no longer serve you. You are inventing yourself. We are all the product of our own invention. And if you are working with a truly gifted psychic, take that opportunity to shape yourself into who you want to be.

A good psychic adviser really has one objective–and that is to help you to become the best version of yourself that you can be. And this is not a selfish desire for you to have. By becoming the best version of yourself you can be, you make your contribution the world and to those whom you love the most.

A psychic reading is an opportunity to rewrite the story of your life. By knowing what happens, several chapters ahead, you can make changes now to bring about better outcomes for yourself and for those whom you care most about.

To know your future is to change your future. And we are indeed characters of our own invention. To wake up to the reality of who and what you are, what your purpose is, is to live your life as a work of art. There really is no need to just get through life, to survive it. We can enjoy the highs and the lows and everything in between, when we learn how to live creatively, when we “snap out of it.” And I feel that a master spiritual adviser can be someone who can help you to awaken to your highest destiny. Simply put, a psychic reading is an editing session for the story of your life. And if you don’t like the way the story has been panning out, you can change it.

Thanks, Christopher!

Mark Levine Interviews Psychic Christopher Golden

Psychic Christopher Golden Beverly HillsCOURTESY OF KARRIE LOVE:  This is a partial transcript of an interview that Mark Levine did with Beverly Hills Psychic, Christoper Golden. I’m not much of a psychic junkie, but the points he makes here are rather refreshing. He has an interesting vantage point on the world and people, from his office in Beverly Hills. I don’t follow what celebrities are up to or want to be a zillionaire one day or anything like that. But what I find interesting is how Chris is able to stay grounded and even wise in world drenched in that stuff. He’s become a very trusted adviser to the rich and famous, including on spiritual matters. So, I wanted to post this here if that’s alright…

MARK LEVINE:  So, why do the rich and famous spend so much money on psychics, to tell them what’s going to happen in the future?

CHRISTOPHER GOLDEN:  (laughs) Because they can!

MARK:  Okay. Fair enough.

CHRIS:  I think what happens is that a lot of people, who have had all of the advantages, tend to eventually learn that it’s something of an illusion. No matter what you buy, or what sense of approval the world has given you, or what you have accomplished or who you know, you’re still stuck with you. And the human tendency is often to feel that this is not enough. So one seeks elsewhere for more. When this search becomes spiritual I feel one has begun to discover who you are. But for a lot of people, and perhaps those of privilege more than others, that spiritual journey starts with a call to my office, in the form of seeking psychic advice. In other words, for a lot of first time clients what they are looking for is a quick fix to a surface problem. But I don’t feel that this is why their soul is reaching out – say on another level of reality. My aim with every single client I work with is to move beyond just this and to deepen the spiritual journey.

MARK:  When you say “spiritual journey” what is it you’re describing?

CHRIS:  I mean that the surface drama is something of a cover story. The real question that all of us must eventually face is “Who am I?” and how you arrive at this question is ultimately of very little concern. No matter who you are or what your station in life, one has an appointment in time, perhaps in the future, with this “Who am I?” question.

MARK:  So then why bother with offering psychic readings at all? Why not just become a spiritual teacher?

CHRIS:  We are all, in a way, spiritual teachers already. Every person you meet is yourself. The journey of self discovery is something that eventually cannot be avoided, whether in this life of the next. So as it turns out I was born with certain metaphysical gifts, such as Clairvoyance. It became clear to me early on in life that it was my calling to use these gifts to try to help people. But as my own spiritual journey deepened, so too did the mandate that came with these gifts.

MARK:  Okay, but I guess I need to ask the obvious question then. Why only focus your energy on the rich and famous? Why not try to help everybody?

CHRIS:  I do try to help everybody. Where did you get the idea that I only work with rich people or famous people?

MARK:  Another journalist, a colleague of mine, said your name came up a lot as the “Psychic to the Stars”. This lead me to speak with a couple of your clients who seem to see you as their guru. And this is why I wanted to talk to you. Before our interview, in conversation, I could see that you had a lot of spiritual insight. And this intrigued me because I kept hearing you were a Beverly Hills psychic and that…

CHRIS:  Didn’t make sense?

MARK:  (laughs) Yes! I don’t get it. From the outside it could look like you’re cashing in.

CHRIS:  Yes, I’ve been told that many times. I was raised in Beverly Hills. My first psychic experiences, as a child, were in Beverly Hills. My first clients, in the late 80′s were in Beverly Hills. No one used websites back then and so I got by on referrals, word of mouth. And that word of mouth existed primarily in Beverly Hills. I would literally drive to different people’s houses and hotel rooms and do Tarot Card readings. When word got out that I was pretty accurate, that lead to giving psychic readings in people’s trailers on film sets and television sets…

MARK:  Celebrities?

CHRIS:  Yes, but also lesser known actors and hair and make-up people and producers and so on. My point is, that is the world I was placed in. A lot of people try to break in to something, or to “make it” as a psychic. In my case this all came looking for me.

MARK:  Okay, fair enough. So then what happens next. You’re young, you’re out giving spiritual advice to the Beverly Hills crowd, and…

CHRIS:  Sorry to interrupt but no, I was not yet giving spiritual advice. I was just giving psychic readings. I had no real spiritual advice to give until years later. A client had introduced me to an Indian man who is a genuine guru and certainly the most Clairvoyant person I have ever met. And when I say the word “guru” keep in mind that the meaning of this word literally is just a “dispeller of darkness”. This man became my mentor and my spiritual adviser. He taught me how to use the gifts I was born with. But he also taught me how to live by a code. He said that the material world was one of “Maya” or illusion. And he impressed upon me to use this ability to see beyond obvious surface manifestations and to deepen my own spiritual journey.

MARK:  Do you consider this man to be holy? Like a holy man?

CHRIS:  I consider everyone to be holy.

MARK:  Okay, but did he give you a spiritual name or ask you to refer to him as “your holiness”…

CHRIS:  … order me to wear a necklace with his picture hanging from it? No. It wasn’t like that. It still isn’t like that. When you meet your guru you are meeting yourself. And this is not even somebody who promotes himself of has a book out or anything like that. A guru is really someone who loves you enough to take a chance on you and your spiritual evolution. I think of this man as a father figure and a dear friend. And he taught me to look at each person as someone who is here to become self realized – and never to buy into their cover story. So when someone comes to me, say asking for advice on how to reunite with their ex lover…

MARK:  Do you get that a lot?

CHRIS:  All the time. But my point is that the question is never about what it appears to be. Why is somebody longing to be reunited with their ex? Is it simply because they are soul mates and meant to make each other happy in this life? I don’t think so. People come into our lives for different reasons, but ultimately everyone and everything we encounter is there to aid us in our spiritual evolution. So if someone wants to come to me, with their cover story, and cast me in the role of “Psychic Reader” asking me to forecast their future, I’ll go along with that. And if I don’t feel I can do it, I’ll let them know I can’t do it. But if a person opens themselves up to me that way, then I feel that is really just a gateway toward a deeper dialogue.

MARK:  And what is that dialogue about?

CHRIS:  It’s always the same. It’s around the “Who am I?” question. Always.

MARK:  Now, when you say “Who am I?” do you mean for instance am I supposed to be an accountant or a house wife or a painter? Something like that?


MARK:  So what do you mean?

CHRIS:  Well let me ask you right now. Who are you? Are you the brain/body organism who thinks it’s Mark Levine? Are you your personal history? Are you who your parents want you to be or who society says you are? Are you a father, a husband a parent, a journalist?

MARK:  Well, I’m all of those things.

CHRIS:  Right. But are only all of those things?

MARK:  What do you mean by that?

CHRIS:  There is a saying or a question that one encounters on the spiritual journey. Perhaps you’ve heard it before but I’ll ask you right now. Tell me what it is that looks out through your eyes?

MARK:  Me.

CHRIS:  And who are you? Aren’t you who you’ve always been, before you took on these roles – father, husband, son, journalist? Is there not an unchanging quality? Is that divinity which encompasses all things, which is all things, that which holds it all together, the known universe and beyond… since we know through the study of Quantum Physics that everything is part of everything else, okay?

MARK:  Yes…

CHRIS:  So you know that you are not only connected to everything else, you are everything else. You are everyone else. The part and the whole are the same. So is God somewhere else? Or is God right here, right now? Is God looking out through your eyes?

MARK:  Wow.

CHRIS:  (laughs) Yeah.

MARK:  And people in Beverly Hills talk to you in this way?

CHRIS: Well, now that we are in the information age, it’s people all over the world. I have thousands of clients, spanning the globe, and the vast majority of them are neither rich nor famous. Okay, but each one of them has come to me with a cover story. If they have come asking for a psychic reading, and that’s what they’ve paid me to do, then that’s what I’m going to give them. That is my occupation. I’m a Psychic Reader. But for me it doesn’t end there, it begins there. And for everyone who has been able to cultivate some quality of illumination along the way, along the journey, your occupation is your cover story. But your obligation, if your heart is open and you see others as yourself, is to create the possibility of a deeper dialogue – to realize that everyone who comes to you is essentially asking “Who am I?” and if one has any degree of self realization then they must confront this question in others with an open heart.

MARK:  Wow. Really interesting stuff. Do you have a book coming out or anything like that?

CHRIS:  Maybe one day. But for now I’m just doing what I’m doing. And we’ll see where that takes me.

MARK:  Chris it’s really been an honor. Thank you so much for your time today.

CHRIS:  Thanks for having me. Stay in touch.

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When Love Spells Fail – Psychic Healing Succeeds

When psychic love spells fail, Christopher Golden succeeds with Psychic Healing. Author, Relationship Expert and Top Beverly Hills Psychic, Christopher Golden, makes available his insights on love and relationships. For more, visit him online at:

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ABC NEWS: Beverly Hills Psychic Says Love Spells Do Not Work

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BEVERLY HILLS, CA, May 30, 2013 /ABC NEWS: – Long time love psychic and a fixture in the celebrity psychic scene, Christopher Golden, says “Love spells do not work. Period. They are based on superstition and wishful thinking.”

According to Golden, “Most of the time, when a person wants to reunite with their ex, the fact is that it’s over. You simply have to move on.”

The veteran psychic goes on to reveal that, “Probably 90 percent of the psychic websites out there, which promise to reunite lovers, are gypsy scams. They promise the moon and do not deliver. Instead these con artists just keeping coming back for more money. And it’s really a shame because this sort of muddies the water for the rest of us, who are real authentic psychics.”

Says this longtime love psychic, “Psychic ability is something you either have or you don’t. But a psychic is not necessarily a miracle worker. There are things that can be done, along the lines of psychic healing, to reunite lovers, but only under the right circumstances. If two people do not still love each other, usually there is nothing that can be done.” According to Psychic Christopher Golden, “Everything physical has a non-physical component. That’s what metaphysics is about. But simply lighting candles and waving sage is not going to break another person’s free will. And anyone who says otherwise is simply preying on people’s vulnerabilities”.

Beverly Hills Psychic Christopher Golden has been offering psychic advice for over 20 years. He specializes in matters of the heart and has a client roster from the “who’s who” of Hollywood, to everyday people from all over the world, and all walks of life. He can be reached at: or by email at:

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